A bit about me… I am called Tom (incase you hadn’t guessed). I’m 22 and I live in Manchester. I work for Boots and have done since 2012. I studied at Wellacre Sixth Form and finished with 4 A-Levels. I love cars, animals, music and TV. I have 2 cats (Jess and Maggie) and a lizard (Deeno – pictured above).

I decided I wanted to do a blog from following Zoella, Tanya Burr and Jim Chapman. I have followed these YouTubers/ Internet Celebrities for a while now and was inspired to start writing a blog. By no means am I doing this to get famous or rich I just want to write about things I like. I find writing very cathartic and relaxing and what better way to share my thoughts and opinions than a blog.

This blog will be quite sporadic at the moment. I have no set days when I will be publishing blogs at the moment.

Hopefully you’ll enjoy what I write about.