I was lucky enough to have a holiday of a lifetime to the UAE in March 2019 and during that trip I was able to attend and experience many excursions, trips and activities (featured in my other blogs here: Holiday of a lifetime to Abu Dhabi and Dubai part 1: Abu Dhabi here: Holiday of a lifetime to Abu Dhabi and Dubai part two: Dubai. and here Holiday of a lifetime to Abu Dhabi and Dubai part three: Sharjah.)

On the final day of the holiday we had booked a boat trip to Oman. We woke at 5am that morning and were driven via a minibus to Oman (travelling through the 4 remaining Emirates of the UAE that we had yet to see) where we would then make our way to the boat. This was a full day trip, with us not expecting to be back at the hotel until around 5pm that day. We would sail the sea, stop off for a chance to swim in the ocean and/ or go to the beach and then travel via a smaller boat into the caves before heading back to shore.

During the boat trip we were provided with refreshments and half way through the trip stopped for some traditional Omani food (which was delicious).

The boat we boarded was a large vessel and as there was only a handful of tourists on board we had plenty of room. We positioned ourselves at the bow of the boat in order to get the best views and plenty of sun!

As I suffer with travel sickness I was apprehensive about being on a boat for so long but thankfully the sea wasn’t choppy and the journey was a smooth one. After about 2 hours of travelling we stopped for people to have a chance to swim in the sea or go to the beach. I hate the sea and the thought of swimming in it fills me with dread so I decided to go and stroll down the beach instead (taken there via the other small boat we were towing).

The beach had lovely soft white sand, plenty of places to sit and the sea was the perfect temperature for a paddle! After my friends had their swim they joined me on the beach where we stayed for about an hour. Once back on board the main boat we continued the journey.

Next up was lunch and it was a buffet consisting of Omani cuisine. There was everything from seasoned chicken, spiced rice, fish, lamb and much more. We were encouraged to eat as much as we liked (and there was plenty to go around) and anything left over could be thrown for the seagulls. The food was absolutely delicious and I’m not ashamed to say I went back for a second portion. The rice was perfectly seasoned and the chicken was tender and flavoursome. Throughout the trip we were provided with soft drinks but as drinking alcohol is not in the Omani tradition there was none on board.

After stuffing ourselves with food we were made our way to the caves where we would then board the smaller boat to venture inside. The caves were stunning inside. The aqua blue waves reflected and ricocheted on every surface of the caves in mesmerising patterns (I have some stunning pictures which I will insert at the end). Utterly breath taking and brilliantly tranquil.

Still awestruck from the caves and feeling full from lunch the 2 hour journey back to shore was even more relaxing. Deciding I’d had enough sun for one day I retreated into the shade for a short nap.

Once back on terra firma we hopped on the minibus back to the hotel. We were due to fly back home that evening from Abu Dhabi. We had just enough time to freshen up before the coach picked us up to take us from Sharjah to Abu Dhabi.

As I look back and reflect on this holiday I realise what an utterly amazing trip it was. I urge anyone who is considering going to Dubai or Abu Dhabi to do so. The culture is incredible and the architecture is awesome. There is so much to see and do whilst there and although I feel I did everything I wanted to, I would wholeheartedly go back in the future.