After an amazing time in Dubai we were onto the last leg of our trip to the U.A.E: Sharjah.

It was over an hour on the coach to get to Sharjah from Dubai and you could tell from the buildings and architecture that Sharjah was a poorer Emirate than Dubai. Our tour guide informed us that most of the Emirati people live in Sharjah as the way of living in Dubai (mainly high rise apartments) aren’t in their culture. At rush hour the traffic going from Sharjah is horrendous as most people don’t actually live in there and instead chose to commute. The cost of living in Dubai is significantly more than in Sharjah as is to be expected.

Our final hotel was the Bahi Ajman Palace and was a ‘dry’ hotel (no alcohol) however the hotel next door did have a licensed bar that anyone could use. This hotel had a private beach and large outdoor pool and hot tub. Although the rooms were a little more basic the hotel overall was the best hotel we had stayed in during this trip.

Over the next couple of days we had so much planned. The following night my friends were going up the Burj Khalifa (tallest building in the world) however as I suffer with vertigo and am petrified of heights I opted not to go up. The rest of the people on the tour had been to the Burj Khalifa the previous night but as we had booked it separately before the holiday had started we would be going today. That meant getting a taxi from our hotel in Sharjah to the Dubai Mall. Whilst my friends were going up the Burj Khalifa I had a walk around the Mall and in the hour or so they were gone I barely scratched the surface, there were just so many shops to see. I even found a Boots in there (where I worked at the time).

Tonight though we were going on a Desert Safari and then onto an evening meal. This was one of my highlights of the trip! we were collected from the hotel in a Toyota Land Cruiser and driven to the desert before joining a convoy of other Land Cruisers to head out over the dunes. We were asked if we wanted a calm ride or a quick ride and obviously we chose fast (which in hindsight was a mistake for me suffering with travel sickness). We would be driving for about 20/30 minutes before getting to stop for a walk around the desert, to see the sun set and take pictures before heading for our dinner.

The safari was incredible, I have never seen or felt sand like it. It is so soft! We spent a good half an hour watching the sun set and sitting on the soft sand before we made our way to dinner.

The evening consisted of traditional dancing, a huge buffet, henna and shisha.

The next day was our final full day of the holiday. We hadn’t got anything planned for that morning. That day and the following day (on which we would fly home) had no excursions during the daytime.

We woke up and went for breakfast as usual but had nothing planned for the daytime. That evening the rest of the tour group would be doing the desert safari but we were going to the Burj Khalifa. The day would be spent on the private beach sunbathing before heading out later in the day. The weather was gorgeous and the was warm so the hours spent chilling out by the pool flew by. We had to book a taxi quite early to take us to the Burj due to the bad traffic around rush hour. Whilst my friends were mooching around the Burj I would busy myself in the Mall before we went to the restaurant for dinner. Our tour guide very kindly booked us a table next to the fountains opposite the Dubai Mall so we would have a great view of the fountain display and laser show on the side of the Burj Khalifa.

Fountain shows at Dubai Mall from the restaurant.

After our lovely meal we got a taxi back home to the hotel for the final night of our holiday as the next evening we would be flying home.

We were up at 5am the following morning as we had an amazing trip planned for the last day. We would be heading over into Oman for a 5 hour boat cruise, which included the opportunity to dive and snorkel in the sea. I am going to do a separate blog for this including more detail, pictures and videos.