Once I knew the Phaeton had to go I started pondering what I wanted next. I was in the process of apply for a new job further away from home. Now I know as I write this that it seems I change jobs as often as I change cars, that’s not the case. I had been with the same company since 2012 but worked in various different stores in that time. This time I was applying for a new role with a new company in a new location. I knew I would have to be prepared for this as I dread to think how much it would’ve cost in the Phaeton to travel almost 5 times as far each day.

As I sat wondering what to get next I had a think back through all the cars I owned. There were only 2 I really regretted changing and they were my Z4 and my Giulietta. Both of those cars were fantastic to drive but only one was economic enough to make sense considering again, the Alfa Romeo.

I found a silver 2011 (60) Alfa Romeo Giulietta in top spec Veloce trim. My previous Alfa had been Lusso trim so the upgrades in Veloce included polished aluminium dash trim and leather seats. This particular car was a 1.4 petrol that according to forums is just as economical as diesel. I drove up to view the car (this is the first car I have bought from a main dealer). The staff were all really friendly and I decided there and then I wanted it. That test drive was the most fun I’d had driving in weeks and reinforced my decision to get rid of the Phaeton, and I’ve not looked back.

The day I picked my Giulietta up I was due to go on a weekend away for a friend’s birthday. I was the driver that day but hadn’t told anyone I was picking my new car up that day. That particular day I had been to see my friend whose birthday it was and drove round in my Phaeton.

I love my Giulietta and plan on keeping this car a lot longer than a year.

Now for the slightly serious bit. Although I’ve loved owning a plethora of different cars over the past 8 years and it really has fed my passion I have decided that it’s time I put the breaks on buying cars…for now. I am going to keep the Alfa as my ‘daily driver’ and possibly in the future look at a cheaper ‘weekend car’, but for now I love my Alfa Romeo Giulietta and am so glad I went back to the joys of Alfa Romeo ownership.