As soon as I got into the Mondeo I loved it. It felt a lot more solid that any car I’d had before. Although my Peugeot was new and modern the Ford felt a lot better in quality. I liked the dark roof lining, I liked the view of the long bonnet from the driver’s seat, the chunky steering wheel, dual zone climate control and electric windows all round. The car was a complete step up.

My Peugeot had been a 1.2 petrol and so this Mondeo was a big step up. This had a 1.6 diesel that pulled like a train. The car had plenty of service history and had 12 months on its MOT so I went ahead and bought the car after a test drive.

I couldn’t believe how much bigger the car felt. On the motorway the diesel engine performed so much better, it pulled along effortlessly and was so much cheaper to run. The tax was only £30 a year too!

The car fitted my lifestyle perfectly, it got me to and from work cheaply and safely and also allowed me to drive when my friends and I went away on holidays and on trips out. I had the biggest car and the space in the boot was cavernous. It easily swallowed 4 adult’s luggage for a few days away (and alcohol too of course).

However, and as is still the case now as I sit here writing this, there isn’t much more to say about the Mondeo. It really was as mundane as you’d expect a Mondeo to be. It was a good car but not much else. It didn’t invoke and feelings, I didn’t love it. It was like a bag of ready salted crisps, OK. They are crisps but if someone comes along with some Cheese & Onion you’d happily take that swap. I only had the Mondeo for 10 months. I never even got to put it through an MOT.

The Ford had served me well but I am, and always have been, a petrol head and the Mondeo just wasn’t cutting it.

By this time I was a lot older, had a few years no claims under my belt and had more money saved up. I jumped onto AutoTrader again and this time put minimum year 2011, min engine 1.6 and it would have to be a diesel. I was shocked when I saw an Alfa Romeo Giulietta in Competizione Red in my price range. I had to go and see it.