As you’re reading this I’ll be on my way to V Festival 2016 and it has been a long time coming. It feels like only yesterday I was booking the tickets and as usual I have been prepared for a few weeks, getting things that I know I’ll need as and when I see them. Apart from a tent (unless you’re rich and can afford a camper van or VIP Camping, which I can’t) there are many things you’ll need if you want to have as comfortable a time a possible whilst you’re there. Here is my not-so-short shortlist of camping and festival essentials.

In no particular order… Wipes. Baby wipes and face wipes will be essential for a festival, especially if there aren’t any showers or you can’t be bothered to shower. Face wipes will be refreshing after a long day outside and baby wipes will help you to steer clear or body odour, which let’s face it, no one wants.



Now as I say I’m going to V Festival and the location I’m going to is Weston Park in Stafford. We all know the British Summertime isn’t exactly to be relied upon for nice weather but just incase the sun decides to appear from behind the clouds, even for a minute, sun cream is a must. When I went to the suncare aisle I noticed a myriad of different brands and SPF factors but one that stood out to me was Soltan’s Protect and Repel Suncare Spray SPF 15. This sun cream has insect repellent in it which in my eyes makes it perfect. (I featured this in my July Favourites also).



Although this is my first festival I’m no stranger to what happens at festivals, mainly a lot of drinking alcohol. I’m not a massive drinker but if I do decide to go a bit overboard I’d like to know that I have go something to make it all better…Paracetamol. Paracetamol, Ibuprofen, anything that will help heal a sore head will be essential, as will my hay fever medication. Although I mainly suffer in the early part of the season I don’t want to be stuck in a field, surrounded by grass and trees, with nothing to help.



As I was taking the photo below I couldn’t help thinking I may be taking a bit too much but I really don’t want to stink. Personal hygiene is important and as I will be going at least 2 days without washing I wanted to be prepared. Roll on deodorant, body spray, dry shampoo, hand sanitiser and toothpaste will be essential in helping me stay feeling as fresh as possible. I’ve also included lip balms as you never know what the weather will do.



Again, another item I featured in my July favourites that I bought specifically for V Festival was the Imuto 20,000 mAh Power Bank. Since buying this I’ve discovered they have means for recharging mobile phones at V Festival but this will be handy to keep in the tent and has enough to charge my iPhone 6 8 times!



British Summertime really isn’t to be relied upon and a shower or downpour is often just around the corner. I can’t imagine anything worse than walking around all day soaking wet so I’ve invested a whole 1 Pound (I’m unsure where the pound sign key is on my MacBook Air so bear with) in a Waterproof Poncho.



In the evenings and for the drive down snacks will be essential. I’ve bought a multipack of crisps and cereals bars to have as a snack in the evenings, water of course and some Fruit Pastilles for the drive down.



Finally I come onto the often worst part of camping and festivals, the dreaded toilets. I managed to track down a way to purchase a pass to posh toilets that are well maintained through the website For me 20 pounds for unlimited use of the posh loos for the weekend was a no brainer and I purchased a pass without haste. To keep me feeling extra fresh I decided to pack Andrew Washlets Wet Toilet Tissues. Bin bags are a great idea to help keep your tent tidy. They are great for putting dirty clothes and wet towels into along with any rubbish so you can keep it together before you take it to the bins. I should have featured this in with the hygiene products but I missed it out. A 5ml travel size mouthwash will help to freshen breath in the mornings, especially if you’ve had a lot to drink the night before. And finally (as I said this is in no particular order) a camping lantern. I bought this to keep in the tent at night to prevent fumbling around aimlessly for things in the pitch black darkness. I know my phone has a light on but that will drain the battery and it will be much easier to hang a lantern up for some light and faff around shining my phone around.



I hope you enjoyed this post and found it a little bit helpful. I will try to do a post V Festival blog if i get any good pictures of the event.