We may be almost half way through August but better late than never, here is my July Favourites.

I was a little disorganised and quite busy last month hence why this favourites is a bit late but here goes… my first ever favourites post.

First of all TV. We all love a bit (or a lot) of TV, I certainly do especially after a hard day of work. I Love soaps and dramas but as I get home from work around 6 there isn’t much on that I like at that time of day so I tend to watch a DVD or YouTube whilst eating my tea.

At the moment I am working my way through my Waterloo Road DVD Boxsets. I am currently on Series 4 Spring Term. I have always been a fan and watched Waterloo Road when it was on TV and I decided last month to start again from Series 1. I have all the DVD’s so it’s perfect to binge watch especially on a Sunday. There are so many fantastic actors and storylines and it reminds me how much I used to look forward to watching it on TV.

Next up on my list is my favourite skincare products. Believe it or not it is actually Summer in the UK now so my first favourite item which I would class as skincare is Boots Soltan SPF 15 Sun Spray with Insect Repellent. The main reason I had for buying this was because it has insect repellent built in which is a life saver if, like me, you attract the little buggers that bit and sting. As well as keeping the bugs at bay it is mainly a sun protection and it applies to the skin really well, it is non-greasy and moisturises and smells really pleasant.

Now onto facial cleansing (the posh way of saying washing your face). I recently discovered  Liz Earle For Men Cleanse and Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser. This product smells absolutely fantastic! In the morning I massage two pumps onto my dry face then wash it off with a hot (comfortably hot) muslin cloth. It leaves my skin feeling really soft and looking extremely clean and fresh. I repeat the same steps in the evening too. Since using this I have noticed a massive difference in my skin. I don’t have nearly as many breakouts as I used to and my skin looks better overall.

Sticking with my skincare faves my next new  addition to my routine is the Origins GinZing Refreshing eye cream. I don’t know about you but I suffer terribly with puffy, tired looking eyes especially in the morning. I have tried so many eye creams and suffice to say none have impressed me. I saw this eye cream on Boots.com and thought it sounded like just what I needed. I had a read of the reviews and watched a couple of YouTube videos and decided to give it a try. It’s not cheap but for me it’s totally worth the money. First of all it smells great. I’m not very good when it comes to describing smells but it really does smells very fresh and clean. As well as smelling nice it actually works (for me). I find that it lightens under my eyes and keeps them moisturised all day which gets rid of those pesky morning bags and little wrinkles that have started creeping in. It really feels like it’s doing some good to my skin so I will definitely repurchase this.

Coming away from skincare now and onto gadgets. At the end of this week (20th August) I’m going to V Festival. I’m not a camping person (I’ve never been) and I have never been to a festival so I don’t really know what to take but the first thing on my mind (being that I spend most days glued to my iPhone) was how to keep my phone charged up whilst being in the middle of a field. I typed battery booster into Amazon and had a look down the page. I have a battery booster already buts thats just to get you enough charge until you can fully charge your phone whereas this time I need one that can fully charge my phone on more than one occasion (as all iPhone users will know they don’t last long). In the end it was my friend (who I’m going to V Festival with) who showed me the Imuto Taurus X4 Smart Power 20,000 mAh battery pack. This has enough power to charge an iPhone 6 over 8 times! It was only 22.99 which is a bargain if it means keeping my phone charged for the weekend. I got it in white (to match my phone) but its comes in black too and has a screen on it to tell you how much power it has remaining. I know it will be essential .

Onto my last favourite for you now and it is actually what I’m writing this post on right now, my MacBook Air. I had always been a Windows user from my first ever computer, an old IBM which my Mum’s friend gave us which was running Windows 95, to a couple of months ago I’ve always used Windows. I think over the years I’ve used most operating systems and upgraded to the latest Windows whenever a new one got released… until Windows 8 that is. I had Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows XP, Windows Vista (which I hated) and then Windows 7 but when Windows 8 was released I decided I’d just stick with Windows 7 until something better came along. My laptop had other ideas though, one day it just wouldn’t boot. Luckily I backed everything up on a regular basis so I didn’t lose too much information but I was without a laptop. I managed with no computer for a while, I mainly use my iPhone and iPad now to be honest as they are much quicker and more convenient but there are some things that I prefer doing on a computer and some things that I can’t do without one. I was time to start looking as I had gone through so many Windows PCs and Laptops recently I was beginning to lose faith in Windows and the quality of modern Laptops and PCs. I went on eBay (my favourite app on my iPhone although not featured in this monthly faves as I’ve loved it for years) and typed in MacBooks. So many came up and I scrolled through hundreds, bidding on a few and losing them all. Anyway in the end I won a White plastic MacBook which I was so excited about. It took a little bit of getting used to going from Windows to Mac but I managed to and even installed Microsoft Office Mac so I had all the programs I’d need. Anyway as with all technology nowadays, it soon became time to upgrade and I have now fully converted to Apple and OSX. I went on eBay again and picked up a brand new 11.6 inch MacBook air. I love it. The battery is phenomenal and the overall aesthetics and usability are great. It effortlessly runs the internet and I browse multiple sites with ease. And I know that there is plenty of processing power there if I ever need it for more demanding tasks.

I hope you enjoyed my July Favourites and I will have a new blog for you on Wednesday.